The seach for Pirate Sterkvark part 4

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Katabrie  will have to swing a mean sword as they head north . Pitchy will have to put his life on the line in hope that nobody look at him as a good Lobster dinner . Turn in next time to see what happen


The seach for Pirate Sterkvark part 3

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Listener, Katabrie is heading north . She is going to find Sterkvark but there will be many adventure and danger turn in to see where she goes

I was out for a while in the hositpal

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WoWScrnShot_061609_024439 The End of May and the first of June I very ill and was even in the hospital. I am much better and have started something new . It is a toon story . I hope you like and enjoy . My fellow guild member has a website call Wow-head Threads. His toon Sterkvark started it with his own toon story . I decided that it would be fun if I would run behind him with my pal Pitchey to see what is happening and to maybe arrive and help him kill the Lich King LOL and of course that will not happen  for a while maybe in the next extension. So tune in and see what Sterkvark is doing and then katabrie .. See what trouble they get into ..

The seach for Pirate Sterkvark part 2

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Will Sterkvark make it to the north without dieing in the galley???Will Katabrie be able to find him ??? If so will they find fame and glory tune in next time to see what happens

The seach for Pirate Sterkvark

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Tune in next time to see if the heat has got to Pirate Sterkvark brain . Has really gone after some king or is he just out to find more female company and dance the night away??????

My First win at Wintergrasp

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WoWScrnShot_052109_201724Today while I was doing the Dalaran daily fishing quest . It was Dangerously Delicious which you have to fish in Wintergrasp I had just finished the quest .When I notice that the battle was about to begin . I watch all the alliance going out so I decided to follow them in . I didn’t get a tank but I player like a foot warrior and follow them in killing the horde that came into my path . Now being my first time and I didn’t know what was happening ,but we must of take the fort fast because we got the achievement within 10 min. If fact the last minute of the battle I got kick off sever . When I sign on I realized that I had two new achievement . I found it to be fun and I would really like to learn how the battle field are played . It must be more then just follow the crowd or maybe that is what it about .. Can you say Noob .. that me

I spent sometime in Horde territory

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WoWScrnShot_051409_142511Most of  you know I play Alliance but today I played a Horde .She is a level 9 Tauren Shaman . Today after getting her up to a level that could travel I went to see some of the places I haven’t seen as Alliance . I have been to  Thunder Bluff ,Orgrimmar, Silvermoon and Undercity . I even took the Blimp to Northrend  and did some fishing. I wanted to see How the towns were laid out . I want see how you got into the cities , does this sound like a spying trip you bet is was . I want to fishing in Ogrimmar with Katabrie . I want the achivement that goes along with that but before day I would not have know how to get there . I want to know which gate to go into and how many 75 guards(about 5-7) at the gates ,there is  a couple 80 elites that walk the city . I know now how to run from the front gate to where the waterfall is and this seem to be the place to fish .I am hoping not to die to many times . WoWScrnShot_051409_142724

There are a few observation on my serve the alliance is very well populated 79% and the horde is 21%. When I was over there I notice that it was quite and the chat’s were all business . There was some conversation and but no stupid joke on the trade channel . What a blessing ! It was fun to see the world from the other side . I really learned a lot . Oh and I learn I like my shaman maybe I take her to 8o